To Korea

Volunteer Type:
  • Farming
  • Community Service
  • Outreach
Farm Type:
  • Rice
  • Chili pepper
  • Sesame Leaf
  • Korean Pear
  • Chestnut
  • Every Season, 1-4 weeks
Age Requirements: 
  • Age 13 +

Korean Famer's Dilemmma

Korea’s younger generations are forced to leave their hometowns and head to bigger cities for education and work. 

Due to this, the elderly are left to tend to their farms alone. So, many family farms are left without help throughout the year. 

Why Hadong?

Southern part of Korea

Hadong village is at the southern part of Korea, known for it’s bridge leading to a popular beach town.

Even so, Hadong’s people still live in poor conditions. Hadong farmers rely heavily on their farms for, not only daily food, but income as well. Most farmers cannot even harvest their entire crops!

God’s Promise Church (KAICAM) in Hadong Village is the only local church that gives spiritual and daily support to the community. This Church is operated by a single pastor who cannot handle the amount of need these farmers have everyday. 

Hadong Village


God's Promise Church

-4 Asian Style rooms

(3-4 people / Room)

-Larger room (10 people)

-Pastor's living quarters :

3 western style bedrooms

(2 people / room)


-Breakfast: Western style 

Served at the Church

-Lunch: Korean food

Served onsite

-Dinner: Korean food

Served at the Church


-Airport pick up / drop off

-Transportation to Hadong 

-Onsite Transportation


-On sire Interpreter

-24/7 English speaking staff


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